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"Working symbiotically with craftsman and artists alike, Yann Gandon’s design process places the material first. The process is clear; Gandon introduces himself to a material and explores its limitations, history and specificities. Then, in collaboration with others. he works each piece into existence. At constant play with limitation, the object’s are fashioned to maintain the materials natural impulse whilst fulfilling functional necessity.

The success of Gandon’s practise lies in how the Studio’s objects sit within an environment. Lines shared with modernism and minimalism alike, Gandon’s pieces have taken all the cues on how not to detract, yet each wholly ‘be’. Classic design elements catch attention, but the openness to each form allows the mind to wander, with natural materials allowing the relationship with nature to be ever present.

Antidote objects, these pieces have a clear manifest to bring calm to the turbulent overwhelm around us. Gandon makes it clear that his style is a product of courting the concerns and sensibilities of our contemporary life and the impact of humans on earth and nature. Sustainability is a given. With such an outlook, each piece offers an enlightened future, bouyed with legacy. This is furniture meant for generations, for no time and all time."

Zoe Crook

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