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The studio is a design practice founded by French-born New Zealand based designer Yann Gandon. 


With a practice focusing on minimalist curves and an ethos of building furniture sustainably, Yann is part of the new generation of designers combining design, craftsmanship and engineering. 


Looking to the future, the studio is committed to exploring sustainable innovations from material sourcing to manufacturing techniques, considering every aspect of the object.


Beyond seeking materials locally, we are committed to sustainability, ensuring all timber used is recycled wood or sourced from an FSC certified forest. This extends to other materials from finishes to glues, minimising the environmental impact of each piece. 


Continually engaged in research around sustainability, we strives to use infinitely recyclable materials such as steel, aluminium or brass while keeping their use to a minimum in consideration of their manufacturing impact. Alongside also looking at innovative materials from sustainable sources.

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