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Dry flower vase - 14-15/15


Limited edition of fifteen unique pieces. Made of offcuts sourced from a local mill based in Matamata. 


The black color is obtained using a traditional Japanese technique called Yakisugi. By burning the surface of the wood, the material becomes more resistant while taking on a unique shape and texture.

Yakisugi is linked to the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic that advocates the beauty of imperfect things. 


Each offcut is unique so is the vase.


Offcuts are underrated resources that we want to turn into decorative and functional objects for your house.


These vases were born from an exploration of freeform and organic geometries that showcase the details and intricacies of the unique timber they were carved out of.


Each vase is individually handmade and branded.

Dry flower vase #14 - burned douglas fir

  • Dimensions

    350mm  x 150mm x 40mm - can vary by +/-50mm


    Douglas Fir

    We use our homemade wax to protect it and enhance the wood grain.

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