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The A Shelf is a unit that speaks most clearly to function. It is a form punctuated by steel with solid wood between. Like titles held by bookends, the brackets allow the nature of the Beech or Rimu wood to humbly shine.


Each powder coated support offers a clever puncture, that allows the user to manipulate this shelf far beyond a simple planar support. The A Shelf quickly becomes a system for the busy household with the alphabetical addition of S hooks holding myriad goods from coats to hanging plants!


Enabling context to grow around it, this flat pack shelf can melt into a space and let you, to be creative with its purpose.

The A shelf

  • Timber size options




    Timber options

    NZ Beech

    Recycled Rimu


    Steel bracket options

    The brackets are powder coated in black by default, contact us if you need a different color.



    We use a durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

    The oil is solvent free, VOC free and free of harmful chemicals. 

    Our finish is matte but can be made semi gloss or glossy on request.


    Please keep in mind slight variations between grain and colour can occur.

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